Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Look at our dresses!

Well it has been a few days since we posted anything again....time just keeps ticking! Updates - The girls are doing well, we had a rough few nights last week where the girls just didn't want to go back to sleep after their nighttime feedings so we were up for almost 2-3 hours to feed only getting about 4 hours of sleep total for us. That wasn't working for either of us so we decided we were going to have to get "tough" and let them cry a little; well that seemed to be the trick. Friday night we let them cry themselves to sleep which lasted about 30 minutes then they slept for 5 hours. Needless to say we have been doing that for the past 4 nights and have been able to get some decent sleep. We actually kind of feeel like human beings again, key words kind of!
Cooper is doing well, even though he did try to file Morgan's head yesterday with a nail file....hmmm not sure what he was thinking but that was quickly stopped. He called the girls his babies the other day which was very cute. He is taking to them more and more each day.
Stephen is traveling again...today is his first day, he was not that excited about it. My mom is here to help so hopefully things go well. And for me I am doing well, really enjoying so better sleep. I even started back to the gym last week which feels great and gives me some extra energy to make it through the day. Hopefully I will get better at posting since I have been slack lately!

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