Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Six hour stretch!

Hopefully things are getting better, the girls did a 6 hour stretch last night which was wonderful. It wasn't that they slept for six hours they slept about five but went six hours in between feedings. We both got about 3 good hours which was nice, however we are both running on low steam these days so we could have used a little more! We are just waiting for the days of 5 hours straight of sleep, man that would be nice. Cooper started sleeping 6-8 hours around 6 weeks so we pray we are as lucky with the girls as we were with Coops. Hopefully when they hit the 10 pound mark they will start sleeping longer. Other than that - not too much new here. Cooper is getting a new bike since he is totally potty trained, he has been for several months now but still used a pull-up at night but we are all done with those now, so his new radio flyer bike should arrive here in a few days. I will try and get some new pics up soon.

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