Sunday, March 8, 2009

The latest...

Well...the kids are off to college now. Ugh....not sure what happened over the past several months just don't seem to find enough time in the day to take pictures nevertheless keep up with the blog. Oh where do we start....sickness...we have had more sickness in our house in the past few months than ever before. Not only the kids either - both Stephen and I have decided to join in the fun. We had a series of ear infections, then some crazy virus that knocked both Stephen and I out for several days and last but not least strep throat, I started that one. Anyway we hope we are all on the mend and with the weekend being in the 70's hopefully it has cleared all the sickness away. We are ready for spring that is for sure.
Okay - update on the kiddos.
Cooper - Doing great, loves school, is playing very well with his sisters(most of the time) is starting to try to read, and we just started a gymnastics class last week that he loves. We have our good days and bad days on listening, I think it will be like that for a long time. He seems to hear exactly what he wants, when he wants. Typical male I guess...ha ha. He is getting tall and thin, pants are starting to fall off him which is crazy because he has always had a belly.
Morgan - Talking up a storm, a lot of babble still but she is also starting to put together sentences. She definitely knows what she wants and has major attitude if she doesn't get it. She is going to be a tough one to break, she is very persistent and just gets louder if you tell her no. She loves singing her ABC's and row row row your boat. Today she asked me to put music on so she could dance, it was very cute. She still watches out for Maddi and has to always get 2 of whatever it may be so she can give one to Maddi. We were at a indoor playground a few weeks ago and a little boy knocked over Maddi and she ran over to her rescue and looked right at the little boy( about 5 years old) and yelled in his face. He was actually scared...I kind of laughed it was funny!
Maddi - Her favorite word is "NO." but she says it with a smile at least. She is a ham most of the time. She is still laid back but starting to become a little more crazy. She is SO loud, I don't think speaking quietly is in her vocabulary. I try to whisper and she thinks it is funny. She has started to ask "what's this?" about everything. She really doesn't care to hear your answer most of the time she just keeps saying "what's that?" She is very concerned on where each of her family members are if she can't see them. She will say "where daddy?" when he is in Atlanta and I tell her then 5 minutes later she says "where daddy?" If I could count the number of times I repeat myself in one day - well that would cause one to do some serious drinking so we won't go there!
Stephen - Is getting very sick of driving to Atlanta every week...he could probably do it with his eyes closed by now. Work is going well, he is keeping busy. Which is a good thing these days. We have had several house showings lately so hopefully things will start moving soon. We are ready to be together as a family again, I am sick of being a single mom during the week and he is sick of staying in hotels and eating take out! So overall we are all doing well...I am going to make myself post pics at least once a week now, I promise Lisa!!

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