Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays!

And once again - it has been a while! Oh well...I have been putting pics up just not writing as much as I would like too. Anyway maybe next year! We did take the girls for there 18 month check up yesterday, a little late since everyone in the house had respitory infections that seemed to last forever. Anyway - here are the stats..
Morgan - 30 pounds (95%) and 33 3/4 inches (95%)
Maddi - 30 pounds (95%) and 32 inches (75%)
So ....there you go....Maddi just likes to eat! She is quite happy eating - I had a playdate the other day and someone said to me, wow I have never seen your girls without food. Ouch....but it does keep them happy.(and quiet!!) And they can really snack and eat all day long. If I remember correctly Cooper did the same thing at that age and looked just like them. Now he is so tall and thin - so I don't
worry. They are taking like crazy .. new words every day. Morgan is the mother she is so very concerned about Maddi, she says her name about 100 times a day at least; and everything that she has she has to have one for Maddi. It is very cute. And then there's Maddi who has never said Morgan's name, she says Cooper, Mommy, Daddy ect but never a Morgan. So funny. Cute story - the other day Morgan was up before Maddi from nap so Morgan had a snack and insisted on having and holding Maddi's snack so I let her. She heard Maddi waking up on the moniter and ran to the stairs so excited to see her, so I let her go up the stairs and into the room first. She runs over to Maddi and says "Hi Maddi!!!" Maddi looks at her and yells "SNACK!!!" She saw food and that was all that mattered to her. I was laughing so hard! We will be staying here for the holiday's which will be nice as much as we wish we could be with everyone it is just so difficult to travel with 3 right now. But we do love you all up North and will miss you tons. We will keep posting pics as much as possible.
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