Friday, February 22, 2008

Daddy we miss you!

Stephen has been in Brazil since Monday, he arrives home tomorrow and we are all so ready! We miss him tons - and can't wait to see him. The girls have both learned how to say MAMA very well while he has been gone. They compete to see who can be louder, Maddi usually wins....that girls has some serious lungs. Another new trick - today I went to get Morgan after her nap, I heard her laughing really hard and I looked in the video moniter and she was standing in her crib so proud of herself. They are so crazy. Cooper has been SO good while Daddy has been away, he is such a big helper. He can't wait to see what Daddy brings home home, he says he just wants pizza? Not sure about that!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our New Wagon

Here is a pic from today of the kids in our new wagon - I thought it would be a great idea for walks to the park, Starbucks ect. However today they both tried to climb out about half way on our walk .....maybe in a few more months!

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cooper's New Hobby

Here are a few pics of Coop from yesterday morning. His new favorite thing is waking up early and putting on crazy outfits, this is what he came up with yesterday. It is hard not to laugh when he greets you at 6:45am saying "like my outfit?" He is a mess!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Morgan in action....

Here are a few pics of Morgan's true personality - she is such a jokester! She laughs ALL the time, at anything, it is hilarious. She is very outgoing and wants everyone to talk to her and look at her when we go out. She is crazy - she wants to stand all the time and is even trying to walk a little bit, she lets go of things to see how long she can free stand. I have a feeling she will be walking within a month. You can see Maddi in the backround just watching TV and chilling out, and that says it all. She is very laid back and just watches everything around her and takes it all in. They are SO different but it is so much fun to watch them both.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Cute

This morning I was in the kitchen - I looked over and this is what I saw, this was not posed at all. Cooper and Morgan just sitting there together, Cooper watching a show and Morgan playing with toys, it was so sweet. He just loves his sisters so much. I am going to put lots of new pics up on the picture page so stay tuned.....

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