Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is how I found the kids this afternoon while I was making muffins and Stephen was trying to fix a fan on our stove. They were all too quiet so that is when I decided to get the camera out and go look for them. Cooper had set up the chair with all the pillows so they were all as comfortable as can be and they were all watching the movie Up. These are the moments that I just love as a mom. Now if only they lasted....ha ha. We are headed to NC for Thanksgiving so more pics and updates to come.... I did put some pics up on the picture page as well.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

It has been a while indeed!! We are oficially all moved into our new home in Atlanta and getting settled. The kids are doing great, they are all attending the same preschool and loving it. Coop is in pre-K and goes for days a week and the girls are going 2 days a week. It is a very nice break for Mom, that is for sure! It was a bit of an adjustment all being together but we are used to it now and I have dusted off all the old cookbooks and we are really enjoying being together as a family again. It is not to say that I wouldn't move back to NC in a heartbeat but we are here for now and keeping as busy as possible. Here is a short update on the kids and us - - since we have not blogged in a long time.
Cooper - He started playing T-ball in the fall and wasn't so sure about it to start but ended up really liking it. He learned a lot and hit some great balls toward the end of the season. Now he wants to take swimming so next week we will start lessons at a indoor pool. Something I have said we need to do for a while but was waiting for him to really want to do it. He turns 5 on Friday!! He is getting so big, like a little man. He is still so good with his sisters he just loves them, we have our moments but for the most part he is amazing. I got to spend the day helping out last week at there school and watched him as he passed his sisters in the hallway he gave them both a big hug and kiss - it was very sweet.

Morgan - Where do I start? She is an amazingly smart little girl that loves to challenge us and will hold us to our word everytime. This little one does not forget ANYTHING. She is very particular about certain things(some may call it OCD!) but it is usually her way or the highway. She has potty trained herself mostly and has now decided she wants a big girl bed. We are not quite ready for that yet, I was thinking they would stay in cribs until age 13 or so! She is very sweet and still watches out for Maddi all the time. At school her teacher tells me she always wants to do everything first then tells all the other kids that Maddi has to go next!

Maddi - Still the sweet, laid back little one. We call her the "easy one." She kind of just goes with the flow, usually. She loves to share and make people happy. She does not like it when her brother and sister get in trouble she always tries to give them hugs or bring them something to make them stop crying. Recently she has show us that she does have a stubborn side but I think we can break that pretty easy. She loves to eat still and gets very cranky when she is hungry. She is a lot like Cooper in so many ways when he was that age. They are like 2 peas in a pod - Cooper likes playing with her because she will do anything he says.

Stephen - Is still traveling a bit and likes his job (I think!) He always has challenges but he says he likes that and it makes it interesting. He will be going to Brazil again before the end of the year again and just got back from Mexico. He seems to be doing more international travel than local. He is doing well and adjusting working then coming home to craziness! No more quiet hotel rooms during the week! Sometimes I think he likes traveling just to get away from the chaos!

Kim - I am doing well, adjusting to the GA lifestyle. I found a great gym and have met some great girls that I really enjoy working out with. I also joined a mom's club that always has fun events and activities for the kids. I am taking a personal training certification class next weekend then I will take the exam in a few weeks and try to get my certification. If I can pass the test (from what I hear it is extreamly hard) I would like to start up a small business mainly geared toward helping moms get in shape and finding the time to work out and eat healthy.

So we are all doing well, I am going to try and update this more regularly now for real, I know Lisa checks this all the time and is SO mad for me not putting anything up in forever. We did post new pics and will continue to do that.