Saturday, September 22, 2007

The three amigos!

We are home!! Okay about the picture, probably the only time you will see the girls in these costumes(sorry Lisa!) but after we snapped the pics they both had complete meltdowns! If you can't tell what Morgan is supposed to be it is a peanut and of course Maddi as a pumpkin. And Cooper as himself in his new sleeper that he loves. Not sure what he will be yet. We had a wonderful time on the Cape, everyone traveled so well. Maddi had a tough time on the way home but as long as I was standing she was okay, so that is what I did. Everyone was back on schedule the next day which was great since that was a concern of mine. Coop loved the Cape and can't wait to go back, he had so much fun with his Mima and Dida, aunties, cousins and friends. Stephen has him convinced that we should move back.....but mom and the girls have other plans, like spending the summers there and rest of the time in NC. Sounds good huh?
Back to the grind here - Stephen leaves again tomorrow for Brazil for a week. Mom is coming to help so that will be nice. I have things pretty much under control here except for the night routine, that is where I still need a little help so it will be nice to have Mom here. I added some more pics up on the picture page, also Maddi's first laugh which is so cute.

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Maddi's First Laugh

She Laughed for Kim in the morning and Cooper and I got here really going at night playing peek-a-boo.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Riding the 11 pound lobster!

We made it to Cape Cod....everything went extreamly well. The girls did great on the plane both drank their bottles on take off then fell asleep for the rest of the flight. Cooper also took a nap so it was great. We did get lots off "geeze I hope I am not sitting next to those people" looks but we expected that.
Everyone is adjusting well and doing wonderful, the girls are sleeping together in a pack and play and doing great, I think the salt air makes everyone sleep better. We took them to the beach today and they both loved it, the took short naps and enjoyed the scenery. We are having a great time and the weather is perfect. We had lobster tonight but could not find anything big enough to cook the 11 pounder in so we are taking it to Lisa's work tomorrow to have it steamed, no worries though we only had about 8 more to choose from(sorry mom and dad I know you are just dying reading this!)
We will try to update the pics each day since I know we will have lots to put up.

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Kim

Kim's b-day was on Sunday. It was wild and crazy, but we forgot to take the camera to document it. Actually, it has been a nice family weekend at home.