Sunday, July 22, 2007


Last weekend was perfect. This week....well not so perfect. M&M have been crazy. However, last night was a blessing. They slept from 9 to 1:45 and then back down around 2:30 to 7. Hopefully this is the start of something good.

As you can see we have smiles and even some cues here and there. Morgan was first and seems to have a very flirty with the ceiling fan. Maddie is about a week behind on the cues and just started today. The lack of sleep melts away with just one smile.

Kim is back at the gym and really doing great about getting back in shape. Cooper is glad to be back at the gym too. From what I here he walks in like he owns the place since he's been there since he was 3 months.

Congratulations to Shanti and Aimee with their new baby Serena (

We really have ambitions to put more up on the web. It's just really difficult to find time (and a free arm) to take pics let alone put them up. We have a camcorder now too. I hope to figure it out and post video soon as well. I did post some more pics on the PICTURE PAGE.

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