Monday, June 23, 2008


Morgan's One Year Stats: 24 pounds and 30 inches (90% and 75% percentile)

Morgan - the crazy one as we call her! She is not lacking personality that is for sure. She is extreamly outgoing and always happy. Over the past few weeks she has been obsessed with her birthday tutu, she wants to wear it ALL the time. She finds it brings it over to me, sits down and puts her feet in it, no matter what she is wearing!! She also loves shoes, jewlery and anything else girly! She is talking quite a bit, her favorite words are HI! and bye-bye, she also says books, ball, nana, and a few others. The other day she has decided to be a little helper and she brought me 2 diapers so I could change her and Maddi. Then after I got them dressed she picked up there pajamas one piece at a time and walked them over to the hamper - it was amazing. We told her good girl and she started clapping for herself, so proud. She is also pretty aggresive though, she gives Cooper a run for his money if he takes something she will go after him fighting and screaming. She likes to take things from Maddi b/c she doesn't take them back usually she just cries! But latley Maddi has been fighting back - and they have actually been in a "fight" a few times. I did see Morgan show her teeth one time and that is when I jumped in and said "no no" I just pray we don't have a biter on our hands. They both understand what "no" means sometimes better than Cooper I think! Morgan is very outgoing and loves people and attention - she on the other hand thinks she doesn't need to nap and after about 5 minutes in the highchair she is ready to get down and run around. She is into everything - reminds me of Cooper at that age.

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