Monday, June 23, 2008


I decided to post some individual pics and talk about each on seperate instead of putting them together this time...
Maddi's One Year Stats - 26 pounds and 29 inches (95% and 50% percentile)

Maddi's personality has really changed over this first year, she has become such a happy laid back girl. She loves to sit back and watch what is going on. She is the more cautious one. She is very loud and likes to be heard - - her two favorite things are sleeping and eating. A girl after mommy's own heart! She loves Cooper and always wants to see what he is doing, he calls her Baby kins, he made it up and he loves it. He always wants to kiss and hug her first thing in the morning and she has started giving kisses back. The sweetest thing is in the morning when we go and get them out of their cribs we carry them both down the stairs at the same time and Maddi leans over and gives Morgan a kiss - Morgan has started leaning in for it, it is so cute. Maddi loves daddy and says dada all day long. Now that Stephen has started commuting to Atlanta she doesn't get to see him during the week and she will go outside his office door and look at me and say "da da?" It is very sweet. In the middle picture you will notice the pacifier, she has never taken one until lately - she was sick last week and that is all she wanted. She is also cutting two teeth on top so she likes to bite on it. But hopefully we will get rid of that soon!

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