Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Maddi - Miss Personality

Here is a pic of Maddi from our cookout yesterday, she has become quite the little ham these days. If she sees a camera she poses and has a big cheesy smile, she is too funny. She also loves trying to get the attention of any guy - she is a guys girl. Yesterday at the grocery store the sushi chef was talking to her and next thing I know she is blinking her eyes real quick at him, it was the funniest thing I have every seen. They just keep changing everyday. Morgan has not been in a good mood over the past few days, we think she is cutting her molars, she is very irratable and clumsy as well. She has a black eye from falling in the tub, then she fell again today and has a bruise on her forehead she is a mess. We had a cookout yesterday for memorial day it was fun - didn't have time to take a lot of pics but hopefully we will get some from other cameras and post them later.

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