Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We love to walk!

Well - it has bee a while since I have updated. Let's see both girls are VERY mobile now, they are taking about 7-10 steps at a time then they fall on their bums gracefully. If we turn for a minute they are gone, we caught Morgan playing in the toilet water last week, thank god it was clean!! She is just a wild one, she screams and chases Cooper around the house;it is too funny. They still do this funny crawl where they use one leg and one arm and fly around the house finding anything and everything to stand up on. They are really starting to communicate to eachother as wel,l mostly when we leave them in a room by themselves, they look at one another and "talk." Sometimes they like to see who can be louder (Maddi wins these days) and other times they just laugh at eachother. It is so fun to watch. They still love food(imagine that!) and want to try anything that we are eating. Morgan loves to read books, every morning after her bottle she goes over to the books and picks a few out and sits and turns the pages, sometimes she eats them as well but mostly likes to look at the pictures. I swear she can say apple, Stephen thinks I am crazy but she has said it to me at least 5 times, even Cooper heard it. Of course she won't do it on demand but I will get it on video one day. Cooper is doing well - he is off from school this week, trying to keep him busy but he has a lot of energy, I am exhausted by the end of the day keeping up with all 3. My half marathon is on Saturday, I am getting nervous....I am just ready to get it over with. Check out the picture pages I have been trying to update them each week.

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