Thursday, April 10, 2008

Summer weather!

Today was just perfect weather - about 78 degrees and sunny. We spent most of the day outside playing. Cooper spent a lot of time collecting caterpillars which seem to have taken over out backyard. He is 100% boy - if it wasn't caterpillars it was covering himself with sand or digging in the dirt. Morgan's top teeth have finally decided to come thru, they have been showing for over a month now but just didn't break the skin, hopefully she will find some relief now. Maddi's are still showing but have not broken thru quite yet. They have both now tried to eat mulch, rocks, sand and pineneedles, they really like chewing the rocks and mulch the best. They are nuts, they put everything in their mouths, hopefully they will learn soon. I think we must be starving them; poor things. Hopefully the weather stays nice outside I have so many new summer outfits for the girls that they have to start wearing before they grow out of them! I updated the picture page again tonight - more to come.
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