Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Noah and the chicks!

Last night we had the Diamonds over for dinner - well actually they brought dinner to us...but we did get some great shots of Noah and the girls. Noah is about a month older than the girls so watching them all grow up together is going to be so fun. I am having trouble posting pictures up so go to the picture pages to see the new ones. What else is new around here....let's see Stephen went out of town all last weekend so I was kept very busy around here, my mom was here which was a big help. My sister and Gabby also spent the night Friday and Cooper was in heaven having Gabs around, so she stayed all day Saturday and they played great together. Cooper just adores her. Stephen came home Sunday morning after having no he was pretty out of it until yesterday. From what I hear the Kupinski wedding was a good time, wish I could have made it.
News around here - let's see the girls are sleeping from 9pm to 5am now which is awesome. They sometimes wake up around the 3am hour but we let them cry and usually they fall back asleep until 5 or so. They usually don't cry more than 5 minutes and we know they can go longer without food so we are pushing them to hold out as long as possible. I think within a few more weeks they will be sleeping till 7 or so. They are both doing well, getting big and so cute. Morgan still has lots of smiles and is always happy for the most part. Maddi is smiling a lot more and is a lot happier now that she is getting good sleep. She is cooing now as well. Both girls want to stand on their up all the time, so we have started putting them in the bouncy seat and they both love it. I pray this is not a sign of early walkers since Coop was walking at 9 1/2 months I really would like to hold them out as long as possible. It will be a nut house around here when they both start walking!! Gates everywhere =) For those of you counting they will be 10 weeks on Friday! I can't believe it, time just flies. We booked our tickets for the Cape today and can't wait to get up there. We are going in mid-September and are really looking forward to it. I think the airport people are going to laugh when they see us coming with all our gear, let see 3 suitcases(one for the girls, one for Coops and the other for my shoes, kidding!) 3 Carseats, a stroller, laptop, diaper bag and anything else we can bring. It will be a sight, that is for sure. I will try to keep putting pics up as the weeks go on.

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Karen said...

Kim, Steve & Family-

Hanna is so excited to meet her new cousins! I hope I get to see them when you are here. I've been following your blog and have suggested the gripe water to more than one of my friends with cranky baby issues. Hope to see you while your on Cape. You all look great!
Take Care, Karen