Friday, June 15, 2007

A week old!

Well we survived the first week! They are great babies and are sleeping like champs (they take after their mommy!!) We feel very lucky to have two babies that like to sleep and really don't cry much at all. They are doing great sleeping together during the day in the pack and play and last night they slept in the crib all night long together. They woke up two times to eat but went 4 hours between feedings so we all got some sleep. We figured out the closer we put them together to sleep the more they like it. This pic was taken yesterday, Maddi is on the left and Morgan is on the right, they are about the same size but Maddi likes to scoot up to be higher than her sister. Well tomorrow will be the test since we will be on our own - my Mom will be joining us next week so that will be a great help as well.

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Shanti and Aimee said...

We are impressed with how many pics you've posted, considering how busy you must be! We hope our #2 sleeps as well as your twins have been :)
Keep it up-- very cute!