Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another Great Night...

Well all we can say is we are so blessed!! The girls went to bed last night in their crib around 11pm after feeding at 8:30 - they slept until 12:30 we fed them and got them back down and they slept until 6am!!! They both woke up around 4:30am but we just brought them in bed with us and they both fell back asleep quickly and we did as well. They just love to sleep which is so nice. They only wimper when they are hungry and really have not been fussy at all. Such great babies! Cooper is doing well he just wants to look at them all the time and give them kisses. He is very sweet and has been very understanding so far. We hope it stays that way. In this pic Morgan is on the left and Maddi on the right. Can you tell them apart yet? Maddi has more hair and her face is fuller and Morgan is almost bald and has a long thin face. Check out all the new pics on the picture page.

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