Sunday, June 24, 2007

Good Weekend...

Well this has been a great weekend. We had the girls out almost all day yesterday doing errands and such. They did great in their carseats and slept almost the entire time we were out. We even got really brave and went out to dinner - they did great. Maddie is still a little fussy in the afternoons but overall they are doing much better. We went to Lowes yesterday and you could not believe all the people that asked if they were boys....first of all their car seats are ALL pink and they had on purple and white. After about the fifth person I wanted to say "would you put your boy in pink?" Maybe it was just the hormones talking...ha ha.
They are both really filling out and gaining weight. We take them on Tuesday for a weight check to see how big they are. We can't wait. During the night they are getting up about every 4 to 4 1/2 hours and are both sleeping in their crib together so we are getting some decent sleep. Coops has been sleeping in the past few days which is nice for us to get a extra hour of sleep. We put some pics up from the weekend and hope to put some more up later.

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