Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Cooper!

Today Cooper turns 4!! He is getting so big - I can't belive that my baby boy is four. Time just keeps ticking away...
I have not updated the blog lately, not enough time in the day. So here is the quick update. Cooper is doing well, finished up soccer a few weeks ago, he did great and really enjoyed that. He is doing very well in preschool and he really likes it. He is a big helper with his sisters and really truly loves them and takes care of them. He is very protective and sometimes tries to be a dad to them but for the most part he is good. Morgan and Maddi are well... crazy!! They are talking a ton now, they can tell you what they want usually. Everyday they say a few more words, it is amazing to watch them grow and turn into little girls. They are both starting to get a little more hair but it is still pretty thin - I just can't wait until they have enough for pigtails!! And as for us we are doing well - just celebrated our 10 year anniversary and went on a 3 night cruise, our first time away. It was WONDERFUL!! Mom and Dad W flew in to watch the kids and did a fabulous job. They all had so much fun together. I was really nervous at first to leave but after a few bottles of champagne I was fine!! ha ha... We have been putting pics up on the picture page. We went to a farm this morning and there are quite a few pics from that up. Will keep posting pics even if I don't write.

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