Monday, September 15, 2008


Wow - it has been a while! I have been slacking I guess...ha ha. Let's see where do we begin? Everyone is doing great! We had a great vacation to the Cape where all the kids just loved the beach. The air travel was not fun and we won't be doing that again soon but other than that they all traveled pretty well. Coop started school a few weeks ago, this year he goes 3 days a week from 9-12, it is great for him(and me too!) he is still adjusting to the new classroom and new teachers but overall he really likes it. He is also starting soccer today and he is very excited for that. The girls are getting SO big. We took them today for their 15 month check up and here are the stats:
Morgan - 28 pounds(95%) 32 3/4 inches tall(95%)
Maddi - 28 pounds(95%) 31 1/2 inches tall (90%)
So as you can see they are just big girls! Morgan is really starting to thin out and well.... Maddi isn't yet! She still has chub everywhere which we just love! They are so happy and are still loving food although they are getting a little picky these days. If we put anthing green on there plates it usually ends up on the floor within 2 seconds. So I am working on hiding veggies in other foods.
Stephen and I are doing well also, he is working and traveling a lot in the next few months. I have started training for a 15k that I will run in October so that is keeping me busy as well as chasing 3 kids around all day long! We did post pics from the Cape and I will continue to post pics just not finding a lot of time these days for updates but I will try to do better.

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