Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Morgan and Maddi

Well we made it through the first year!! Hooray for us...haha. The girls had a great day today, we had the family over and let them open presents and go at their own cakes. Maddi was the first to "dig in" She started nice and slow just dipping her finger in the frosting and licking it off then all of a sudden she decided it was much more efficient to just bite the cake! Morgan tried to pick up the entire thing and bite it. They both had fun and had cake all over them from head to toe! Even up their noses, it was great! They are both doing well however they are both getting teeth yet again so we have our moments now and then. They have also started "fighting" it is crazy - - mostly over me. One is sitting in my lap then the other comes over and gently pushes that one out of the way then all heck brakes loose! Maddi has started head butting, I couldn't believe it the first time I saw it but now I know when she is getting ready to do it and I say loudly "NO" and she stops. Morgan has started biting, so far she has only bitten me and hopefully she won't get to Maddi or else that would be ugly. We bring them tomorrow for their one year check up so I will post the stats tomorrow. Cooper is doing well - I am trying to keep him as busy as possible. His first camp starts next week, it is Bugs camp and he is very excited about that. Overall we are doing well - lots of changes going on around here so busy as always!

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