Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nonna and the girls

Looks like I have not posted in a while - that is because I have two crazy girls both walking and going in different directions ALL day long. Oh then add a high energy 3 year old to the mix and hmmm well that is my day. And why didn't anyone tell us that 3 is SO much harder then 2?? My goodness I feel like all we do is discpline all day long, and they are so smart they just know how to get you. Hopefully it will pass soon because he is driving us crazy! The girls are absolutely nuts, I really didn't think walking would be too much different since they have been crusing for a while now but it is a lot different. Morgan is into everything - the pantry door was open a crack and I watched her, she took her hand and knew exactly how to open it and in a matter of seconds had taken about 10 things off the shelf all onto the floor. Then goes onto another room to see what she can get into there. Needless to say we headed to Babies R Us today to get some good gates. We asked Cooper where we should put the gates and he said he thought we should put the gates and the girls outside. Well the weather is getting nice hmmmm. Hopefully I will get some good pics this week of the girls walking and I will post them.

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