Sunday, April 13, 2008

2 Hours Flat....

Well thanks for all the support, it is over. I finished my first(and last) half marathon (13.1 miles) My goal was A. To finish and B. To finish in 2 hours. So I am very proud and glad it is done! I trained for 4 months and it all paid off. I have to say it was a lot harder than I expected the course was extreamly hilly at one point I thought I was running up a mountain! (ha ha!) Stephen and the kids were their cheering me on at the half way point and then waiting for me at the finish and I think that is what got me thru it. From now on I will stick to 10k's and 5k's this marathon stuff will kill ya!

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Shanti and Aimee said...

Wow Kim, you look great! Congrats on the half-marathon... I have friends that do marathons and triathalons regularly, and I honestly don't think I could do anything like that!
Keep up the cute pics, we love looking at them!