Monday, January 28, 2008

Look at the big girls! has been a few weeks since I last posted or at least a week and things have changed! The girls only want to stand now, forget sitting and playing with toys anymore that is a thing of the past. Morgan will actually throw herself back if I try to get her to sit because she wants to stand. She has major attitude lately, I REALLY don't know who she takes after these days(ha ha!) She will pull herself up from a sitting position to her knees then looks for anything to pull up on. Maddi can get onto her knees from a sitting position as well. They both are doing the "butt scoot" where they are sitting and thrust themselves forward to get where ever they want, so they look hilarious scooting on their bums across the room. But it gets them where they to be and that is all that matters. Morgan is getting her top teeth right now and Maddi is finally starting to cut her bottom teeth. They are sleeping well and very happy for the most part. We are finally on two naps now and they are in bed by 7 which is great for us to have some one on one time with Cooper. Speaking of Cooper he is doing well, getting bigger by the day. We are taking him to the circus on Saturday and he is very excited, but he said we have to be careful of the elephants! He is doing well in school and enjoying it. He loves his sisters he calls them his babies, he told me at the park the other day that his babies were getting so big and he can't wait for them to walk - I told him oh I can! I have been training for a half marathon for a little over a month now, the race is in April so hopefully I will be ready by then. Stephen has also started taking up running and he is going to do a 10k in April. That is the news around here for now...I will put some more pics up soon.

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