Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year! has been a while. Let's see the girls are in high school now...kidding of course. We have just been very busy with the holidays and everyone being sick. But we are all better now thank goodness and having some great weather this week here in NC. So many updates... where do I start? Morgan got her band off as of today - yeah! She is very happy and her head is beautiful. Maddi still has about one more week, she has not grown as fast as Morgan so there is one spot that should be corrected by next week but we will see. The reason Maddi is wearing the band that says Morgan in this picture is because I decided to redecorate them last week and during the process they somehow got mixed up and I put the wrong bands on the wrong baby....oops. No big deal since Maddi didn't have any growth this week. But I sure did confuse the therapist today! Maddi is saying "da da" all the time , she wakes up and starts whispering it then it gets louder as the day goes on. Morgan is just starting to "talk" but she is loud that is for sure. Morgan has decided to be the "alpha" and takes everything away from Maddi. Maddi has become very laid back and just kind of lets her do her thing. Morgan has also decided to let Cooper have it if he gets in her face too much, she takes her hands and puts them right in his face and pushes him almost to say "you are in my space!" I don't think she will let anything get by her, she is a fiesty one....not sure where she gets that from?? Cooper is doing great, he is starting to listen better and he loved Christmas this year. He would have been happy just with his stocking - he was just so excited to open things and watch the girls. The girls loved ripping the paper off presents and it was so fun to watch all 3 of them. They are both sitting up great as you can see from the pics and Maddi is starting to scoot a little now. They are 7 months as of tomorrow, time just flies. I will try to update more now that things have settled down but I did put a few new picture pages up and will continue to do that.

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