Saturday, December 1, 2007

Look at our helmets!

Well we finally got around to decorating the helmets today, and the girls just feel so much prettier now! They are doing great, adjusting wonderfully. Morgan had some issues with her helmet rubbing a spot on her head but they adjusted it and she is doing much better now. Maddi is doing great, she actually pats her head when we take it off during bath time wondering where it is. Cooper wanted a helmet as well so for the first day he wore his bike helmet around everywhere we went. You should have seen the looks I got at Starbucks with all 3 of them in there helmets. I said he was supporing his sisters! We bring the girls for there 6 month check up next week so I will post the stats then. I think they are tipping the scales for there age. We took out some baby pictures of me last week (Kim) and they look nothing like me at this age, I was a skinny small baby so I think they may be taking after Daddy again...hopefully at least 1 will look like me eventually. I can't have all 3 looking like Stephen that would just not be fair! More pics to come...

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