Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fun with a mustache!

Grandma and Grandpa W arrived on Saturday and we are all having so much fun. Coops didn't want to share them at first with the girls but he is doing much better now. We have not posted in a while - lots going on here. We were all sick for about 2 weeks but we are all doing much better now. The girls had their first ear infections and that was not fun at all. While we were at the docs they weighed the girls and they are both 18 1/2 pounds! They are getting so big, they have rolls everywhere. Speaking of rolls, they are both rolling over and loving food. So far they have had oatmeal, peaches, carrots and sweet potatoes. Morgan loves food and can't seem to get enough and Maddi likes it but is not crazy about it. I think she likes her bottle a little better - too much work to eat off a spoon! They will both get there helmets next week. They will have them on for 9 weeks, 23 hours a day so that is going to be a huge adjustment for all of us I am sure. Stephen is so excited to decorate them! We will put more pics up on the picture page and I will try to update this page more. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day most days!!

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