Sunday, July 29, 2007

Senor Cooper

It is all about schedule these days.....we have decided to hire a night nanny for a little while since Stephen will be traveling quite a bit in the next few weeks. They came over yesterday and gave us lots of tips and advice. Last night both girls slept in their own room and did great. We have decided to put them in seperate cribs since they were waking eachother up during the night. We have not really had too much of a problem with the girls doing well at night but they don't like to nap during the day so we are working on that now. So the hints they gave us were, back to swaddling keeping their arms down, using the babywise theory, 30 minutes to feed, 45 minutes of awake time then to their cribs for nap time. Well yesterday was hard they did a lot of crying but today already seems to be going better. They are both taking their first nap as I type this...well Morgan just woke up but hopefully she goes back down. Anyway the night nanny will be with us for the next 3 nights so that means 3 nights of 8 hours of sleep for Stephen and I .... what will we do? Hope you like the new pics, the girls are getting so big, we bring them next week for their two month check up - can't wait to see how much they weigh. Cooper was sick this week but is doing much better, that was a challenge trying to keep him away from the girls so they wouldn't get sick but we managed. All he keeps talking about is going to Cape Cod on a airplane, we are planning on going in September but I think we are going to hear about it everyday until then! Hopefully we will get some movies up later this morning.

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