Sunday, July 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yesterday was Stephen's birthday, we had a fun day. Went to the park for coffee and breakfast, went out for gelato and a little shopping in the afternoon then had ice cream pie and hung out with friends last night. The girls have been doing well, they both have decided that fussy time is around 3:30 and usually last until 6 or so. They are enjoying there evening baths and starting to get on a semi schedule as far as eating goes. Usually about every 4 hours or so except for some reason at night they like to wake at 3:30 then 6am, that is always rough! They are getting a lot bigger and fitting into all there clothes, Maddi even went up a size in diapers while Morgan is still so thin that the bigger size falls off her waist. However they are both filling out a lot in the face and becoming cuter everyday. I can't wait for the first smile - hopefully soon. Coops is doing well, he just loves his sisters. As soon as he wakes up in the morning he has to kiss them good morning. The girls go for there one month check up on Tuesday so we are excited to see how much they have gained. We will post the stats on Tuesday. Enjoy the new pics and we will try to keep posting! Oh Stephen got a video camera for his b-day so I am sure once he figures it all out there will be lots of new videos. Stay tuned....

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