Thursday, June 21, 2007

Slip and Slide

It has been a few days since we have posted anything because well we have had some long days and nights! So here is a quick run down of what is going on since I have a minute before a baby starts crying....Cooper is doing well, we had a date yesterday morning and it was great for both of us to get out. He got a new slip and slide and loves it! Mom watched the girls and they were great for her. Maddi is VERY fussy and wants to be held all the time, she still has gas problems and does not deal well with them, she gets herself so upset her face turns bright red and screams extreamly loud. She also has NO patience, when she is hungry she wants it now and will scream and quiver until we can get it in her mouth. Morgan is quite the opposite, she is so laid back and content. We always have to wake her to eat and if anything is wrong she makes this little tiny cry which usually means she has gas or a burp. It is funny to watch them both and how different there personalities are. I hate to say it but I think Maddi is like me and Morgan is more like Stephen - at least for personalities - however it is opposite for looks. Everyone says Morgan looks more like me and Maddi like Stephen. I still think it is too early to tell but we will see as they grow each day. Keep those prayers coming, Mom is leaving today - I know it will be hard but we have to get used to it sometime I guess! It is all a little overwhelming right now but we know in time things will settle down...(around December probably!!)

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