Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Personalities are Coming Through

Morgan is the sack of potatoes and Madilyn is the fussy baby. They both slept great until 1am. We both got some sleep too. After 1 am though, Madi didn't get back to sleep that well. She slept on me for an hour this morning then on Kim for an hour while Morgan was loving the basinet all to herself. They both fed around 6:30 and took a good nap. The more we look the more we see the differences in the two. Morgan is a lot lighter in skin tone and has very little blonder hair. Madi has darker and has longer darker hair. Personalities: You can't get Morgy to cry (as I write this she starts crying). Madi...hopefully its just gas.

Kim is doing great. She got a shower and is feeling refreshed. She is out of the hospital gowns and into regular clothes. The pain is a little worse today she says, but the meds our helping.

Dad is doing well. Ready for a coffee, but doing great!

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Jeremy said...

you are so on top of things sac... what a seasoned old pro. When the redhead gets knocked up, I'll need all of your notes. Congrats on such a great family-